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Bärentrek-Bear Trail
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Hiking without luggage
…we will carry your backpack while you are hiking…

We will do everything for your holiday!
Experience Nature very closely in the most true sense:
Hikes and E-Bike Tours.

Hiking and E-Biking, the perfect way to keep your body and soul in balance:
Meditation, Wellness und Workout all-in-one.

Therefore, we have put together our hiking and electric bicycle offers with a special sense for beauty and originality; also with the claim to surprise you anew every day.

We have organised everything for you: a selection of wonderful day stages, booked comfortable hotels and your luggage will await you at the next hotel!


New: Wildstrubel Tour -
Alpine trek under the spell of the Wildstrubel
  Bear Trail - Meiringen to Lenk


Hiking without luggage - burden-free.... through unbelievably beautiful scenery
Hiking without luggage - burden-free.... recharge and relax
Hiking without luggage - burden-free.... move in internal and external ways
Hiking without luggage - burden-free.... experience, see, feel and discover for yourself





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